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 Elysium Event Quest

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PostSubject: Elysium Event Quest   Thu Nov 25, 2010 7:30 pm

Well Here we go again With Same Style of Event, But Must more unique The idea of this event.
Was to make you work hard for your Pets Then. Move on over to Elysium Where you can kill the Bosses Of Elysium and get Stones Then Take them to market and Exchange for +255 Gears!

How to do it:
Go to Elysium Find to Main Monsters there are 3 At each Temple Location on the map!
There are about 8-12 Temples Containing the 3 Monsters!
Each monster will Drop a a number of stones, This could be 1-10 stones!
After you got the Stones take them to market Find the NPC As will be shown in the Picture
Next Pick an item you want.

The Rewards are :

1000 GoldParticle
1000 SilverParticle = Female/Male Casual +255 With Special stuff on it!
1000 IronParticle

250 GoldParticle
250 SilverParticle = 5,000,000 EPS !
250 IronParticle

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Elysium Event Quest
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