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 Point System [Win Donate items]

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PostSubject: Point System [Win Donate items]   Mon Nov 29, 2010 3:43 am

Well as you can see When you post you get points etc, Start topics. You get points, Well here is the new thing.
If you get over a amount we will award you got your posting and been active on the Forum.
BUT remember Forum rules do take part in this, NO spamming, all topics or posts have to
be related to there topic or game any Random Posting to gain points Will be all posts deleted
OR even a BAN. This is a New way to get people Active with in the Forum These are the rewards.

This is How much your "Vote System Needs to be"

1000 - $5 To Spend On ANY thing in Donation list.

2000 - $10 To Spend On ANY thing in Donation list.

3000 - $15 To Spend On ANY thing in Donation list.

4000 - $20 To Spend On ANY thing in Donation list.

5000 - $25 To Spend On ANY thing in Donation list.

Note - You can Save your Earning up ! But After 3000 Points You have to spend your money you cant Save up the "$20" and the "$25"

Also This may only be done Once Per IP.

I hope you enjoy and I am allways on forums so Do NOT SPAM!

Here is a Little E.g Of how mine Looks

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Point System [Win Donate items]
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