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 Lottery Based event [DONATER ONLY]

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PostSubject: Lottery Based event [DONATER ONLY]   Tue Dec 21, 2010 4:58 am

This is the New event, where Donaters Can have a go at winning realy good items, also realy bad items
This is a Fair event And all Items in this will be Displayed below It will be going Numbers,
what you need to do here this is the Donation page And if you would like to buy your tickets
They are $1.50 per person, After paid for.. go to this post and post 4 numbers Ranging,
1-20 If you pick e.g, 1,4,5,15 and none of them come out you don't win This isn't me picking
This is done by a number generator. Here are the numbers

I will Get the Random Numbers any time after payment

1 - +255 Gears.
2 - 200k Eps
3 - +1 VIP Level
4 - 200k Eps
5 - +2 VIP Level
6 - All Totems Open For any named Legion
7 - 10m Eps
8 - 1m Eps
9 - Luck Potion
10 - potency potion
11 - 50 Levels added to Castel
12 - Change Name Of Your Char
13 - Change Gender
14 - +255 casual
15 - 1000 Random portals
16 - 5 Summon
17 - 200 UniXO's
18 - 400 UniXO's
19 - 500k Eps
20 - New Donation Pet



Please Wisper me Or Post here If you would like to
Buy Any Tickets Once Bought Then please
Come to here And write your 4 numbers Below
Remember If you do not Win THERE IS NO REFUND
This is a Lottery and there is 4/20 at winning
so Respect this and don't complain if you don't win

Write your 4 numbers Below

WILL BE DELETED And blocked from this post


When i do the Random numbers i will Record it,
so you can see the numbers..


Regards Teddy Smile
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Lottery Based event [DONATER ONLY]
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